Karla Oblak

Founder of Prenatal Programs
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Hi, I am Karla, yoga master, ex professional triathlon, and nature lover. I like to look at people as people, hollistically. Although I finished law school and got my PhD from economics I have always felt another calling - study of movement and health.

Hi, I am Karla, a scientist and an athlete. I obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Law, Masters degree in Business Law and a PhD in Behavioural Economics from the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. I am a Yoga Sport Science Coach obtained at the Yoga sport science Academy, Hatha yoga teacher (RYT 600), Fitness coach, International triathlon coach (ITU 1) and have many other licences in the filed.



Sport and science is what I love and what I do with passion.  I love to teach people how to transform oneself physically and mentally and spiritually. My teaching style is a synthesis of dedicated hard work, deep study, and a unique fusion of various schools of yoga. I was a professional triathlete and I am specialised in endurance sports coaching. I became a prenatal and postnatal exercises specialist because I wanted to explore the field scientifically and put the programme into practice.


I love to challenge my body and my mind.


Since I was a child I remember me running, cycling, swimming,…always doing something active. But on the other hand I am also a calm and peaceful person. My dad introduced me to yoga at age of 5 and since it has become a part of my life. Yoga helped me to stay focused and to find balance in what I do. I am a triathlete specialised in extreme triathlons where the body and mind have to work in synchrony because without strong will, commitment, inner balance, self-confidence a long distance race can’t be finished. I am a person who loves life, movement, art and I  appreciates small things and try to live every moment fully. I try to live in balance with nature as it gives me energy for my endeavours.


Več: http://karlaoblak.com

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