Once you’re cleared for exercise after having a baby you are wondering how to start. Before staring your exercise routine there are some question you should answer on your exercise plan. Are exercises causing pelvic pain or feel uncomfortable, do I have leakage with these movements, do I have tenting or coning during any exercise, are any of these exercises creating diastasis recti, are any of these movements creating cesarean wound pain.

It is important how do you feel after finishing exercising and know how this exercises will benefit you.

Some practical tips to start your postpartum workout routine:

  • Obtain medical clearance from your provider before beginning.
  • Start with low-intensity activity and gradually increase to moderate efforts. Competitive athletes and women doing higher intensity training before pregnancy usually can come back to high levels pretty quickly
  • Incorporate movement in daily work (walk with the stroller, dance with your baby, use play time on the ground to do something for yourself)
  • Start with low volume at low intensity. As you progress, you can play with the volume and intensity.
  • Don’t sacrifice form for reps.
  • Exercise does not seem to influence breast milk. To feel more comfortable and to avoid the increase in lactate associated with high-intensity workouts consider breast feeding or pumping just before exercising.
  • Find a professional guidance as individualisation is key to healthy and successful comeback.

Focus on exercises that will establish a solid core foundation, strengthen posterior chain and enhance posture and movements you can transfer in everyday life.

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