Did your grandma tell you to keep legs crossed during and after pregnancy in need to avoid peeing yourself? Than she probably also have told you to get plenty of rest, just because her grandma told her so.

Who do we believe the most? Opinions of those that we call friends. And that is the reason why knowledge about baking bread, planting potatoes and pregnancy got transfered trough generations. There is just this one thing.

Human body is far more complicated than baking a pile of wheat, water and yeast.

We have make it our goal here at Stance Uplifted to erase some rules, write new ones and adjust some of the previous and modernize pregnancy activity. See what have I done here? I said activity, because this implies on physical as well as mental.

Are you afraid? Is this your first pregnancy? Were you pregnant before but had severe side effects and wish to avoid the at all cost? Do not worry, you can write us any time trough our contact form and a member of our team will get back to you asap.

Todays topis is an effect of structured and targeted exercise on side effects of pregnancy.

First, regural physical activity will help you keep body weight under control. During pregnancy you will get certain cravings and your senses will change. This is the main reason why you will love some foods and others will make you wanna puke. And there is always the need to eat for two. Exercising will help you regain power over bodyweight, hormones and with the help of relaxation techniques and breathing exercises you will be the master of emotional stability. This will make it easier to stear past diabetes, preterm birth and vein thrombosis.

Second, because of the hormone called relaxin your joints will get all loose and jiggly. This increases risk of pain in lumbar spine area as well as in the pelvis and knees. Also loss of balance and risk of fally dangerously increases. Specific exercises will help make pregnancy as enjoyable as possible and risk free.

Third, regural physical exercise have a tremendous effect on mental and emotional health. Exercising can help you deal with stress and fatigue better as well as reducing risk of developing pregnancy depression.

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